When you’re in your early twenties, you feel like nothing can touch you, not even your junk food diet, lack of sleep and all those hangovers. However, as we age and mature, we start to see some not-so-great sides of living a life that’s not balanced. So if you feel like your scales of life need to be brought to equilibrium, here are a few practical ways to do it.

1. Eat clean and smart

First things first, in order to achieve inner balance, you need to feed your body with nurturing foods and allow it to heal and be strong. Clean and nutritious ingredients will not only give you plenty of energy to tackle everyday tasks but also help create a strong immune system and make you much more efficient in everything that you do. Make sure to fill your fridge and pantry with things like fruits, veggies, beans and whole grain products. Another great way to detox and restore your inner balance is to start your day with a cup of best green tea on the market and give your body a nice kick (most of us need this in the morning.) Besides keeping you awake, green tea has a variety of other health benefits, both physical and mental, that will certainly help you live a more relaxed and balanced life.

2. Take up meditation

One of the most powerful tools in your battle with misbalance is meditation. This ancient technique restores balance to both your body and mind and helps a person reflect and battle inner demons. During meditation one aims to achieve so-called restful awareness that occurs when your body is completely relaxed while your mind is clear and awake, yet silent. In this silent awareness, you can analyze your behaviours, let go of old and harmful patterns and allow your body and mind to heal and find balance. Aside from healing mental and emotional benefits, meditation also helps regulate blood pressure, prevents heart disease and allows better control of addictive behaviours.

3. Move your body

Regular physical activity doesn’t only keep the body young and fresh, but it also promotes emotional well-being and balance. Exercise triggers biological changes that allow better learning, adaptation and performance of many cognitive tasks. It can also stop and reverse many harmful effects of anxiety and stress, help fight depression and give your body a nice detox. All of these mental hardships that can be alleviated with exercise have a strong effect on our inner balance and energy levels, so take up physical activity as soon as possible.

4. Learn how not to be busy

Being chronically busy is often a choice rather than a requirement forced on us by our jobs, families or friends. Many of us are so addicted to being busy all the time that things that used to be relaxing and fun tend to become overwhelming once they turn into tasks on our to-do list. So, try to learn how to accept and appreciate your downtime and just let go. These periods of peace will help your self-development and allow you to recuperate and find balance in your life.

5. Unplug

Sure, not being available all the time is a luxury in today’s connected world, but it’s a luxury you can surely afford every once in a while. So, turn off your phone, sign out from your social media accounts and don’t answer the door. Use this you-time to do something you truly enjoy. Try painting, have a relaxing bath or try a therapeutic self-massage.

6. Say no when needed

Saying no is one of the best ways to avoid useless stress and tension and focus more on you and your needs. Refuse an invitation to that boring work function or decide to skip that night out if you’re too tired. Saying no might be a bit uncomfortable, but it’s crucial for your mental health.

7. Spend time with people

Loneliness is rejuvenating and healthy but only in certain doses. Too much of it and you can feel your soul, spirit and emotional well-being dwindle and disappear. So, try to spend as much time as possible with your family and friends. However, if you live away from your loved ones, you can try volunteering, joining a club, taking various classes or adopting a pet! Once you bring more love and companionship into your life, you will be much closer to achieving balance.

8. Take time to sleep

Deep and restful sleep is vital to returning balance and vitality to your life. Even though it’s often hard to get enough Z’s, sleep deprivation over a long time can disrupt your body’s innate balance, wreak havoc in your immune system, speed up the ageing process and trigger depression. However, when you’re rested, you can tackle so much more stress, battle it calmly and confidently and look amazing while doing it.

Even though sometimes finding peace and energy seems practically impossible, with these tricks and some practice, you will restore your inner balance and feel fresh and rejuvenated.

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Author: Stella Green Thompson

Stella is a graphic designer and illustrator, a lifestyle and beauty blogger and a food enthusiast. She is very passionate about the environment and her hobbies center around her love for nature, yoga and living in balance. Stella loves giving tips about healthy lifestyle and self-development. She is a contributor to several health and lifestyle blogs. You can find more about her writing by following her on Twitter.