In order to go about our daily chores without many problems, it is important to be fit, strong and healthy both mentally and physically. Mental fitness is key to physical fitness. If you are not mentally fit, then you will have faults with your physical fitness because the body gets instructed on what to do by the mind. Good mental stability gives self-discipline and the will to move on.

Here are 9 ways to stay mentally fit in your busy life:

1. Get a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is very important for the brain. A good night’s sleep will prevent you from getting irritable, feeling too tired to do anything, feeling sad and stressed, feeling drowsy throughout the day and feeling grumpy. Lack of sleep or poor sleeping habits may slow down your concentration and this may affect your decision making.

Different people have different hours of sleep that make them able to function well the day after. Though the recommended hours of sleep are approximately 8 hours, there are those who will sleep for more hours or fewer hours and still feel okay. Whatever the sleeping hours, make sure you have rested well for the night. You need to wake up with a clear mind to carry out your daily chores with ease.

2. Take a glass or two of water

Water does great things to both the body and mind. A glass of water early in the morning will flush out toxins from the body and leave you feeling light and stronger. Besides that, it rehydrates the body. A slice of lemon in lukewarm water is even better.

3. Exercise

A few exercises every day will make you go on with your busy schedule feeling more energized. Do some press ups, pull up bar exercises, jog, skip, run on the spot or anything that makes you feel good. Exercises will make you enjoy a healthy and stronger mind.

4. Eat healthy

A good healthy balanced diet, especially the breakfast meal, will ensure you don’t have any hunger pangs disturbing you till later in the day.

For breakfast, have foods that are rich in nutrients. Eat foods that can build your mind and body. Not foods that can make you get fat and sluggish. Aim for quality. The same goes for your lunch and dinner. Make sure your foods have lots of vegetables and minerals.

5. Take energy drinks

Energy drinks come in different types. Organic or carbonated. An energy drink once in a while during the day will give you more energy and keep you mentally alert. If by the end of the day you feel like passing by your favourite gym to do some exercises, you will have the strength to do so.

6. Avoid working late hours

Even as busy as you are, you need time to relax the mind since it is one of the most frequently used parts of the body. Working late hours will take up much of the time you would otherwise be using to rest and sleep. Overworking burdens the mind. This may make you feel irritable and too tired to tackle anything.

7. Keep off drugs

Some drugs may be intoxicating to the brain. Some people will use drugs like steroids to probably perform better. Too much of these kill the brain cells and eventually, you become addicted and this is a health hazard, mentally and physically. Take drugs that are recommended by a physician.

8. Spend more time with people who care about you

Spare some time in your busy schedule to be with people that love you. Catch up on events that may have passed you by. Being with friends and family is a great way of relaxing the mind. Laugh, tell jokes, and remember the old days or anything that will make your mind relax. This is a healthy way of staying fit.

9. Set up new goals

If there is something you have been putting off from doing, try and do it. Give up any bad habits that you may have had and start new habits that are healthy for your mental status. Set up goals that you know you can accomplish. Do away with the old lifestyles that are not helpful. Pursue new beneficial goals.

Try out new exercise routines, like pull up bar exercises, or working the treadmill or anything else you have not tried before.

Whatever you do to stay mentally fit, do not overwork yourself. Start small or by tackling the little things first before proceeding to the more complex things. Let your mind relax. Overworking it may lead to a mental breakdown. Sleep better, eat better, exercise more, go out more, do the things you love to do more, give up any bad habits that may be detrimental to your mental health and share your feelings with people closest to you.

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Cathy Scarlett

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