The New Year is just around the corner and is going to be here faster than you might think. If you are like many of us, one of your New Year’s resolutions will be to get fit and lose weight. Let’s face it, we all make the same resolution virtually every year, but most of us give up after only a few short weeks. Whether you are trying to get fit before summer so you can make the most of the warm weather or trying to shed those extra pounds the years have piled on, here are 5 hot fitness trends that are set to dominate in 2017.

1. Technology takes over

Today’s technology is a wonderful thing, bringing with it a huge selection of wearable technology that is perfect for anyone who is planning to exercise and improve their level of fitness in 2017. Many gyms and fitness clubs now recommend their members pick up one of the latest in high-tech gadgets that have been hitting the market over the last couple of years. These wearable devices offer GPS, heart rate monitoring, step counters, smart watch features, calorie counters, and more.

Making the most of this technology is a fabulous way to track your intake and output, you can use it to set daily or weekly goals that are sure to help you in your quest to become healthier. Devices such as those from Fitbit, Garmin, and Samsung are among the most popular, but there are many others on the market that have a lot to offer for a reasonable price and this number is expected to continue growing.

2. Stream your classes live

For years, it has seemed as though only those who live in larger metro areas have access to the best fitness classes. In order to take advantage of the latest in exciting fitness programs, you had to not only become a member of the particular fitness club in question but also be prepared to drop everything and attend classes in person. Today, you can live-stream many of these classes directly to your computer, laptop, tablet, even your smartphone, no matter where you happen to be in the world as long as you have internet access. Bear in mind that not all fitness clubs and studios are currently live-streaming, but expect this number to rise in 2017.

One of the more popular services is FitFusion, this service allows users to stream the latest fitness workouts from such famous personal trainers as Jillian Michaels and Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up. From New York, the Ballet Beautiful allows users to stream pay-per-view workouts, while over at YogaGlo, famous instructors like Kathryn Budig offer a wealth of streaming classes.

3. Training in groups

For most of us, fitness training has always been a personal/individual event. We go to the gym, work out on our treadmills or go jogging with nothing more than our iPod loaded with our favorite tunes, and exercise by ourselves. While women’s exercise groups have been popular for many years, in 2017 experts all agree that more men than ever are going to take part in group exercise programs.

These programs are not only available to meet just about every possible level of individual fitness, but they are a fantastic way for each member of the group to hold each other accountable. While this type of training may have been going on for many years, in 2017 they are expected to become one of the hottest fitness trends in the world.

4. Boxing

Boxing helped Rocky Balboa to reach his peak of physical fitness in the movies, but what you may not realize is that there has been a sudden spurt in the growth of gyms offering basic boxing lessons to both sexes and a huge growth in the number of boutique boxing studios. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be ready to hop in the ring and go ten rounds with Apollo Creed or anyone even close to his stature. In fact, you don’t even have to hop in the ring at all as many of these studios are offering classes that involve no physical contact at all. There are even at-home cardio-boxing workouts available online and on video for you to use.

Boxing is set to become one of the fastest growing fitness trends of 2017. Many more celebrities are sharing their own boxing for fitness routines, making this form of exercise more popular than ever. Hitting the heavy bag is a fantastic way to take out your aggressions, relieve anxiety and stress, and of course, improve your overall fitness far beyond the level standard gym workouts ever dreamed of.

5. Are you ready for the hardest workout your body will love/hate?

 If working out in the gym, boxing, spinning, jogging, and all the other mainstream forms of fitness just aren’t cutting it for you anymore, get ready for the absolute hottest new fitness craze set to break out in 2017. Often referred to as “Megaforming” or the “Lagree” method, you should look around town for a fitness center that offers this type of fitness training. This may be one of the most intense workouts you will ever complete. It is guaranteed to make your body hate you for at least three days and leave you with muscles that burn and shake when you are done.

Megaforming is the brainchild of Sebastien Lagree who created what he called a workout that is definitely not for sissies. It is so popular you can often find celebs like Lea Michelle and Bella Thorne at Studio MDR, one of the most popular Lagree studios in Los Angeles. Look for this to be the number one new fitness trend of 2017.

Getting fit and healthy in 2017 is not just about the hottest new fitness trends that happen to be coming along. It is about finding the right one for you and then being prepared to eat a healthy diet and stick with whichever fitness regimen works best for you.

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Author: Evelyn Kail

Evelyn  is a fitness writer at She writes regularly on topics revolving around exercise and diet, and helps educate readers on the best ways to improve their health and look good.

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