This is a special time in your life. You’re no longer a teenager, but you’ve still not faced all responsibilities of adulthood. There’s a whole world around you that awaits to be discovered.

You can travel. You can learn more. You can become whoever you want to be. In your twenties, you’re at a point when you start to understand what life truly is.

When people get older, they usually have something they regret not doing in their 20’s. This was the time when they were young, adventurous, and free enough to experience life to its full potential. You’re there now! You don’t want to have regrets when you get older, so you better grasp life and start moving forward.

Are you wondering what you can do in your twenties if you want to live with no regrets? Here are 5 things you should definitely try:

1. Be brave to love without looking too far in the future

In their twenties, people are usually faced with two kinds of love situations:

  • I love this person! I love him/her too much. But if I stay with him/her, I may never get to experience true freedom. I’ll be trapped in this relationship forever and I’ll have to marry the same person. Is that what I want for myself? To be with one person my whole life? I love him/her, but I better break up and start being more adventurous.
  • I’m not sure I love this person. But we’ve been together for a very long time… What if I hurt him/her too much? What if I break up with him/her and make a mistake? There’s no turning back…

Both of these mindsets are very wrong.

You should never focus too much on the future when you love someone in your twenties. Love them! Maybe this will be the person you’ll marry, maybe you’ll meet someone else. You never know. What you can do is focus on this love now, at this moment, and make it beautiful while it lasts.

If you have doubts about the relationship, take a break. Act according to the moment. Now, you have the liberty to do that.

2. Take risks and face your fears

Everyone has fears. Even Superman has a weakness, remember?

That doesn’t mean we should accept our fears and just avoid the situations that make us scared. We should fight. We must take risks! While we’re still young and the fears haven’t taken our lives over.

Are you afraid of public speaking? Give a presentation! Are you afraid of heights? Climb a mountain! This is the best time in your life for facing your fears and learning your lessons the hard way. You may succeed. You may fail. Whatever the case is, each attempt to beat a fear will bring you closer to the goal.

3. Travel

Are you waiting to graduate from college, get a job, start making money, and start travelling to the countries you want to see? Here’s the tricky part: you won’t have much time to travel when you’re older. You’ll get only a few weeks of vacation per year, so that two-month retreat in India will remain just a dream.

There are plenty of opportunities to travel when you’re young. You have at least two months of free time over the summer. Use it well. You can volunteer abroad. You can start making money freelancing, so you’ll finance your trips on the go. Go see Peru, Spain, Japan, and every other place you want to see.

Traveling brings you experiences. You’ll see amazing places. You’ll meet incredible people. You’ll be making memories for a lifetime. That’s what matters, after all.

4. Love yourself

I hate my vitiligo. I hate having to apply heavy makeup every single morning. I don’t want people to notice it.

I hate looking like a skeleton. I push myself to eat more, but I will never have curves.

I must lose weight. I’ll love myself more then.

Okay; first of all, the love towards yourself must be unconditional. You won’t love yourself more when you lose or gain weight. You won’t love yourself more if you have the perfect skin. You’ll love yourself more only when you start working on that mindset.

You have imperfections. So what? They make you unique. Of course, you should try to minimise them. Work towards the ideal weight, but don’t associate self-love with that goal.

Invest in personal development. Work on your personality. You’re already a person worth loving. Expand that potential!

5. Develop healthy routines

Who thinks of health in their twenties? This time is all about burgers, drinking, and not sleeping. A healthy life is boring. Well, guess what: that’s one of the biggest regrets older people have.

This is the point when establishing the foundation of your health and vigour. Eat well. Don’t drink too much alcohol and coffee. Do some yoga. Learn how to meditate. Have a productivity schedule that allows you to accomplish every goal on the list and still have time for a healthy sleep.

You’ll live life to the fullest only when you’re healthy enough for all challenges that come your way. Health is the key to personal happiness and satisfaction. So work on it!

Stop wasting your time! You’re too young and full of life to be bored. When you’re in your twenties, you have many opportunities to grab. Use them well! Experience life to the fullest!

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Author: Olivia Ryan

Olivia is an incurable optimist who always sees the glass as half-full. She likes nature, knows how to enjoy silence and is keen on writing for different websites as well as for AussieWritings service. Meet her on Facebook and Twitter.

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