Very briefly put, the Law of Attraction suggests that our thoughts emit emulated frequencies which consequently attract like-for-like energies. Therefore, we should only think about what we want, and not of what we don’t want; the Universe doesn’t distinguish between good and bad thoughts – it sends back exactly what’s triggered from your thoughts.

The basic principle of Law of Attraction is that you attract what you think about most.

A popular example is when you start your morning with a number of mishaps and your following thoughts are those that indicate that everything is going wrong with your day. This particular negative perspective on your circumstances brings with it more negative events because this is the message you have sent out to the Universe. As a result, your day could possibly get worse and worse.

The Law of Attraction has become extremely popular in the last decade or so. There have been many cases where people have successfully applied the law to manifest the things that they desire. TheLaw of Attraction has encouraged positive-thinking, and for me, it was the start of positive change and a new way of life. If it wasn’t for the Law of Attraction, I probably wouldn’t have begun to conduct the amount of work I have in fields such as spirituality, philosophy, quantum mechanics & metaphysics, etc. I was so intrigued by the idea of it, that I wanted to look into it further.

Yet, there are still many sceptics when it comes to the Law of Attraction and I often hear it being called “fLaw of Attraction.” In all honesty, the vague depictions in the books and media about the law aren’t always convincing. Everyone is also entitled to their own opinion.

We are what we believe; humans are basic belief systems – this logic would therefore actually support the ideas of the Law of Attraction, but I won’t go into it, because again, it is subject to belief, and well, you can see where this is going (in circles). If you say something isn’t going to work for you, then it probably won’t work.

However, people seem to miss the biggest step when using the Law of Attraction and that’s ACTION – funnily enough it’s in the word itself; Law of AttrACTION! Motion doesn’t exist without any form of action. Many Law of Attraction books don’t really put much emphasis on action but it is vital to reap positive results. For the Law of Attraction to work effectively you have to set an intention and then become a vibrational match for it.  This basically means that you need step into energetic harmony with your intention.  When you are out of sync (not aligned) with your intention, you will inadvertently cancel your request with the Universe.

Here’s an example. You want to get an A in your next exam yet you don’t know the subject and haven’t picked up a book. Using the Law of Attraction, whilst sitting back listening to Beyoncé thinking “I’m gonna get an A baby” does nothing but sets the intention. Without action, you cannot possibly be a vibrational match for your desire.

Whilst revising, if you start suddenly doubting yourself getting that A, you slip out of vibrational harmony with your intention. What happens next? Well, you might not get that A, and you’ll probably blame the Law of Attraction for not working!

Set clear intentions and become a vibrational match through inspired ACTION – the Universe can only manifest your desires when you are in perfect harmony. You are the co-creator of your destiny and must do your part in the manifestation process. Goals that you don’t act on are merely wishes.

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Author: Vex King

Vex King is the owner of the Bon Vita lifestyle brand. He is a Mind Coach, Writer and Lifestyle Entrepreneur. He is using his positive influence to spread Good Vibes Only #GVO so that people can fulfil their dreams, purposefully, and enjoy a greater life. You can reach him on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

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