Visualisation is simply the process of creating an experience or intention, of what you want to see or feel in your life. A few weeks ago, we posted a short video about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s journey to success. In the video, he made many references to him visualising his goals before he actually achieved them. Mr Schwarzenegger, amongst many other individuals, have successfully applied visualisation to manifest their goals. You’ll even hear references to it in music; like in the song Been Around the World, by American rapper and entrepreneur, Diddy. In his lyrics, he mentions that he dreamt about having a million dollars in his small one bedroom apartment, before he got his beach houses, with his money stacking high to the ceiling:

“I was in one bedroom, dreaming about a million. Now I’m in beach houses, cream to the ceiling” – Sean “Diddy” Combs

Visualisation is a really powerful tool and any Law of Attraction (LoA) practitioner will tell you that it is essential to your success. However both Schwarzenegger and Diddy probably had no idea what LoA was at the time, or even that it was helping them manifest what they wanted in life.

Visualisation has also been used in sports for some time, often referred to as Mental Imagery or Mental Practise. There have been many studies where athletes have added visualisation to improve their performance. Sports psychologists will probably tell you that it is affective because the brain patterns that are activated when you imagine an action, and the physical action itself, are very similar. So it’s almost like your brain is training itself for the actual event during the visualisation process.

From a LoA perspective, visualisation helps you align and vibrate on the same frequency as whatever it is you want. But when we talk about visualisation as a process, we don’t just refer to creating mental images. You have to create scenes, not pictures. In those scenes, involve sight, sound, feelings and emotions. This is the key. Engage your senses and go into as much detail as you can. For example, if you want a new car, do not just picture the car. Put yourself in the car, driving it around. Think about how you feel whilst driving it, the sound of the car, the road, where you’re going, the weather, what you’re wearing and so on. Live the experience as if it were true in that precise moment. Expressing gratitude and feelings of joy will help boost the visualisation by sending out powerful vibrations out to the Universe.

There’s a number of ways that you can visualise; some will say that you need to be in a meditative state, others may say that you need to ensure that you lay flat. We don’t believe that it matters how you do it as such. The most important thing is that you visualise all components of your goal as discussed above. Of course, this requires a lot of focus. Therefore we recommend that you do it in a place that has no distractions and somewhere where you can relax. Simply close your eyes and create the visual you desire. This isn’t the only way to do it. You can do it whenever and wherever, like when you’re listening to music with your eyes open. As we’ve mentioned several times already, the key is to fully engage in the visual with all your senses, and with as much detail as possible. This may take some people much longer than others.

If you find it hard to create the visuals in your head, then you can use aids such as photos to help you. Vision boards are very popular. They are simply a collection of pictures which depict the things you want in life, displayed on a board. They make focusing on what you want easier by helping you clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on specific goals and desires. Most people place these boards in obvious places, to keep their attention on their intentions. For more information about vision boards and how to make them, click HERE.

“To bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there.” – Richard Bach

Author: Vex King

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