935-939 Hillsboro Mile also known as Le Palais Royal is located in Florida and is based on the French Le Chateau de Versailles. The property has 19 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms and is almost 4.5 acres in size. Le Palais Royal is currently on the market with Sotheby’s International Realty for $159,000,000 and will be finalised in 2016.

Upon entering the property, you will be greeted by the front gate which is decorated using 22-karat gold leaf. Once inside the property, you will see the spectacular marble staircase which costs a staggering $2 million. The home has four master suites which all feature their own jacuzzi. It also has two docks big enough for a 200-foot yacht. The property also features a 120-year-old chandelier from Austria worth around $250,000, and if that isn’t enough, there is also a giant infinity pool with a double loop waterslide!

Le Palais Royal is set on the beach in-between the Ocean and Intercoastal. The property is both a beautiful piece of architecture and also very up-to-date with all the gadgets you would expect from a modern mansion. The palace is the first property in the world to have an IMAX theatre so you can experience movies from the comfort of your home. Additional amenities include: go-karting track, an ice skating rink, 26 foot fountain, 6 water features, bowling alley, guest home, staff quarters and much more!

Due to the sheer size of Le Palais Royal and the vast number of features it has, the best way for you to get a feel for this masterpiece is to watch the video above. For a full list of amenities that the property offers, visit the Sotheby’s website HERE.

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Image and video credit: sothebysrealty.com