Ask, believe, receive.

It’s the Law of Attraction motto, and it’s very simple. We are all GREAT at asking, and we are usually pretty clear on what it is we want. Receiving is a no-brainer because it simply comes as a result of believing. It is the believing part that trips most people up.

Believing can be hard because we have to believe in the unseen in order to get what we want. For example, maybe you want to manifest a great new relationship. You haven’t yet manifested it, you haven’t seen it with your own eyes, yet in order to get it, you must believe it is yours!

This is challenging because, for so many years, we have been taught that seeing is believing (“I’ll believe it when I see it!”). However, this lesson contradicts the way the Law of Attraction works. In order to receive (and see!), we must believe first.

So how does one start to believe in the unseen? Rather than trying to have faith that a great relationship will simply drop into your lap, I’ve found it’s easier (and more effective) to find proof that the process of attraction is working. Just like we’ve learned our trustworthy friend or relative will come through for us when we ask for a favour, we can also start to believe the Law of Attraction will come through for us, no matter what we are asking for.

Here are a few tips I have outlined to help you gain faith in the process, so you can start to believe any of your goals and dreams can come true. My strongest recommendation is that you use these strategies frequently. The more you “see” evidence of the Law of Attraction at work, the easier it will become for you to believe in its ability to bring you the unseen.

1. Keep a running tab of all of the “big” things you have manifested in your life

For example, I would write down two beautiful children, a loving husband, a nice home, awesome friends, my growing blog and business, and every other significant thing I’ve intentionally set out to achieve that has come my way.

In a journal, write down all of the big manifestations you’ve been blessed with throughout your life, adding to it as you achieve more of your big dreams. Review the list periodically to remind yourself of all of the wonderful things you have already attracted!

2. Set some time aside on Sunday to review any smaller manifestations you’ve had that week

At the end of the week, before you start up again on Monday, take a few minutes to think about all of the smaller, conscious manifestations you attracted the week before. For example, this past week I have manifested a couple of great parking spots, a few new connections to help me grow my website, and a fun night out with my family on Friday.

What are the things you were looking and asking for this past week that came your way?

3. Acknowledge all of the crazy “instant manifestations”

Do you ever think about your dad, and then he immediately calls or texts you? Have you ever been thinking about a word or phrase, and then someone said it or you heard it on television? 

These are both examples of your thoughts transforming into things, quickly and easily. They are also known as “instant manifestations.” Instead of brushing these events off as coincidence, when they happen, make a note of it, and tell the Universe “thank you!” for giving you more evidence to help you believe in the process.

4. Look for evidence of the Law of Attraction at work with friends, relatives and acquaintances

This one is one of my favourites because it allows me to receive evidence of the Law of Attraction in a more objective, non-personal way. When you are looking to gain more belief in the process, think about the people you know and how their thoughts and actions have created their realities.

We’ve all met someone who talks about illness all of the time, and therefore constantly gets sick. We’ve all seen the friend who hates her job and therefore typically attracts rude coworkers, mean bosses and extra work. We probably even know a guy who says he’s lucky at the casino and therefore wins pretty much every time he goes there.

Run through the roster of people you know and look for evidence of how the Law of Attraction is working for them and bringing them the things they believe they will get.

Developing faith in the “ask, believe, receive” formula just requires a little bit of reflection and willingness to look for it. We tend to like to see before we believe, so each of these strategies can provide you with evidence in the process, which can then help you find the belief you need to draw your goals and dreams into your life.

Instead of having to believe in something that hasn’t yet arrived, you can believe that the Law of Attraction works, because you’ve seen it! This can help you evolve to the point where you know you can ask the Universe for the things you want, and then actually believe they will come to you.

Do you have any other processes that help you “believe?” Comment below and let me know!

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Author: Andrea Schulman

Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today, which provides free and easy Law of Attraction techniques. She is also available for group educational seminars and webinars.

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