Giving yourself a fresh coat of paint every once in a while is a good way of changing things up in your otherwise mundane personal appearance routine. As individuals, we are easily satisfied with having clean clothes and not pay too much attention at good skin care or even wearing model clothing.

However, when you think about it carefully, more and more people are starting to notice your bland and unintuitive clothing and styling choices. And while skin care is certainly important, it’s only a part of what makes your personal look. So what can you do to spruce things up and make your personal look influence your own mood and surrounding people in a positive way?

Clean body and clothes

First thing’s first – being clean is the number one priority of every individual. This goes not only for clothes but personal hygiene as well. Cleaning yourself every day and removing any unpleasant smells or dirt from the time you spent outside is an essential part of everyday life.

Going to sleep without cleaning yourself beforehand can be disastrous – not only do you risk raising the potential for a number of skin diseases to come knocking, but you will also make anyone in your vicinity uncomfortable.

Your own spouse or family might steer away from you and give you constant warnings about your current state of uncleanness. Develop a routine in which you clean yourself and your clothes for a maximum impact when it comes to fixing your mood and of those that surround you.

Proper oral hygiene

Regardless of what you may think, people can always smell your breath from a mile away. They might not tell you anything about it if it’s uncomfortable out of respect and following social conventions, but they will surely remember how it smells.

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and visiting a dentist’s office every three months is a must if you want to develop a proper dental and oral hygiene. While it may seem like a chore to do so often, neglecting to do so can result in truly awkward social situations.

Your speakers might dodge your breath, constantly offer you chewing gums or candy or sometimes even leave outright claiming they have business to attend to. Skin care is not the only thing you should be worrying about when it comes to personal appearances, since poor oral hygiene can lead to a lot more predominant issues down the line, personally and professionally.

Discovering your perfect smell

It will take some time before you discover the deodorant or perfume that works perfectly for you. The reason for this is because perfumes are usually worn to impress and excite those around you – not you personally. This means that it’s often difficult to determine whether or not a deodorant or a perfume works for you or not.

Using cheap brands and putting them directly on your skin can result in severe consequences, some of which can lead to skin cancer and permanent skin damage. And while people will certainly look uncomfortable if your perfume is too strong or simply doesn’t match your style and personality, the reverse is rarely the case.

People who don’t know you will rarely point out that you smell nice and ask what perfume you are wearing – it’s just a social convention that requires people to be polite to one another. In cases like this, you need to be the one who takes the initiative and asks what people think about your smell, in a subtle and explanatory manner.

Finding your style

There are two ways of finding your style, and one of them is far more expensive than the other. The reason why many people tend to copy celebrity and magazine clothing styles is because it’s far more expensive to discover what works and doesn’t work by yourself.

Many people simply can’t afford to go from one outlet to the next and buy dozens of clothes every month. This is why opting for tried and tested clothing styles works for most and they often receive very positive feedback from friends and coworkers. While buying clothes and building up racks of them at home isn’t a very financially sustainable solution, taking your time in a clothing mall is certainly a viable option.

If you have good skin line and want to show off a bit of skin here and there, why not opt for a more exciting clothing solution? Take your time when it comes to discovering your personal clothing style. Many people seem to not care or have the patience to bother with trying out many different pieces of clothing only to buy one or two in the end. Don’t be that person and work on impressing yourself as well as your coworkers.

Creating lasting impressions

Whether you want to admit it or not, people do care about the way you look and smell, and you care about the same things in regards to them. That is why anything you do with your styling and clothing should be done in order to make a lasting impression. Showing up at your company’s party in the same clothes you wear to work won’t leave a lasting impression – just the opposite in fact.

Regardless of the skin care you have when it comes to your own hygiene, your clothes are just as important as your personal health. Make sure that you focus on creating lasting impact and don’t shy away from being the centre of attention every now and then. You might be surprised with the benefits of having a good personal look when it comes to the way people perceive you in public.

The fact of the matter is that no amount of designer clothing will make you look good if your health condition is poor and no amount of good skin care can accommodate for a lack of clothing sense. Any successful executive or entrepreneur will tell you that what you talk about doesn’t matter if you look or smell bad in front of your colleagues, it’s just too distracting. Balance the best of the both worlds in your public appearance and personal look in order to come out on top.

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Author: Natalie Andersen

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