If you’re a big user of Instagram, you’re probably familiar with Shredz. Even if you’re not exactly sure what it is, there’s probably a good chance that you’ve seen, or even follow one of their sponsored athletes. They’ve started a massive movement online and have a number of popular fitness models representing them. Mike Stalker was fortunate enough to catch up with the founder and owner of the company, who shares his wisdom of how he made his business a success.

In this inspirational interview, I talk to Arvin Lal, CEO of Shredz, about how he built Shredz out of the basement from a single product to a multimillion-dollar business that impacts millions of lives in more than 60 countries in just two years. Today, it is almost impossible to go on social media and not see the influence of Shredz. In great detail, Arvin talks about leaving his old job, the beginning stages of Shredz, social media & marketing, vision, growth, innovation, and about being a fast-rising entrepreneur. There are so many great lessons about hard work, business, entrepreneurship, and life that anyone can find extremely valuable.


0-1:50 – Intro
1:55 – What is Shredz?
2:50 – Life before Shredz, getting the idea to start Shredz
4:30 – Social Media and marketing
7:00 – Generating traffic, sponsored athletes, impacting lives
9:03 – Shredz beginning stages – vision, growth, passion
10:55 – Increasing growth and excitement, innovation, high quality products
13:40 – Never taken an investment – belief and possibilities
15:04 – Market leaders in innovation
17:15 – Setting high standards, bettering your life
18:21 – Arvin’s daily schedule, efficiency, and sleep (Plus: when was the last day he took off?)
21:08 – Shredz in 5 years – expansion
22:06 – Products, ebooks, GNC launch
23:24 – Process of GNC partnership, denying other partnerships and investments
24:55 – Motivation and live support
25:40 – What is the main selling point?
26:30 – The power of hashtags, community/support for consumers
27:14 – Men vs. Women
27:51 – How demographics have changed and expanded
28:35 – What else does Shredz offer?
29:40 – What do you wish you knew before starting Shredz?
30:24 – What do you look for in the hiring process?
32:33 – Setbacks and failures
33:51 – How Arvin finds inspiration
35:48 – What would you tell recent college graduates or the Arvin Lal just graduating from college?
36:50 – Did anyone question your decision to leave work and start your own company?
38:08 – Favorite part of being an entrepreneur?
38:59 – If you can invite any 3 guests in the world to dinner, who would they be?
40:10 – Best advice in business? “Reinvest and grow”
41:11 – Inspirational last message from Arvin

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Author: Mike Stalker

Founder of The Daily Ace. I love creativity, ideas, growth and personal development, and helping to make the world a better place.

Main image credit: plus.google.com