If you speak to a Law of Attraction enthusiast, he or she will probably suggest a number of different manifestation techniques and exercises to help you consciously create the things you want in life. Personally, I’ve heard about a lot of different techniques and exercises. I’ve also practiced many successfully for short-term goals. However, today I want to mention one that’s pretty rare. It was actually recommended to me by a friend and I’m sure it will help you manifest your goals.

It’s much easier to believe in something when it comes from someone you trust, and when they express so much faith in it. That’s exactly what my friend did. He was so excited about the miraculous results he had seen from this exercise, that he had to share it with me. He said that within 10 days of doing this, he saw a massive shift in his business, in line with what he asked for.

The exercise he’s recommended works well for goals that are perceived to be in reach. For example, increasing your income or passing an exam that you have coming up. Trying to manifest a tennis court in your home when you don’t have space for it or see any way feasible in a small amount of time, is probably out of reach; for now, that is. This is only because it injects so much self-doubt in your mind, according to your current situation; it becomes hard to believe that such a big thing can happen to you anytime soon. This causes you to slip out of vibrational harmony with the intention.

Start small, and if it works, go bigger! Follow the steps below to manifest your goals and see how this easy manifestation exercise works for you:

1. Find something beautiful

Take a moment out of each day and find something around you that you find particularly beautiful; something that really engages you when you look at it. This could be some form of nature, art, sculpture, or anything else that catches your attention.

2. Focus

Look at the thing you’ve found, and allow your mind to focus on how beautiful it is. Try and block out any other distracting thoughts; the only thing you should be thinking about is what you’re observing at the time.

3. Ask yourself a question

Once you’ve become settled and focused on the thing that you’re admiring, ask yourself a question about something you want, in a positive context. For example, if you wish to see more money, you could ask yourself, “Why am I this rich?” Or even, “How did I get so much money?”

4. Visualise

As you ask yourself this question, hold the image of you in your ideal state, as if you have already attained the goal. So, using the current example, whilst asking one of the questions above, you’d possibly picture yourself with lots of money in your wallet, or seeing the figure you want in your bank account.

Final words

That’s literally it! As easy as it is, you must try and not let negative thoughts or doubts enter your mind. It may seem tedious at first, and for this reason it may not work effectively; your mind may add lots of doubt. Focusing on the beauty of whatever you choose is the key to this exercise; allow the beauty to consume you.

In terms of the time this exercise should take, the recommendation is a 2-3 minutes each day. You may not see changes right away but make sure you are consistent so that you can develop momentum in attaining your goal. If you do not see any tangible changes in 3 weeks, you may not be quite within range of your goal. Therefore, it’s recommended that you aim for something even smaller; possibly a sub-goal just to build some confidence.

As I mentioned before, if this works well for you, you can focus on bigger goals, or even try reaching for something else. My friend now uses this as a daily ritual. Please ensure that you find something new each day to focus on. For example, if you’re concentrating on the beauty of flowers in your garden on the first day, you must find something different on the following day.

Eventually, you’ll see beauty in things that others might be blind to, such as derelict buildings. Therefore, it’s also great for encouraging positive thinking, as you naturally become more aware of the good, even in the things that others may see as bad.

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Author: Vex King

Vex King is the owner of the Bon Vita lifestyle brand. He is a Mind Coach, Writer and Lifestyle Entrepreneur. He is using his positive influence to spread Good Vibes Only #GVO so that people can fulfil their dreams, purposefully, and enjoy a greater life. You can reach him on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.


Main image credit: pexels.com