Over the weekend just gone, many of you may have witnessed Conor McGregor become the UFC Featherweight Champion of the world after beating Jose Aldo in only 13 seconds. Prior to this fight, Aldo hadn’t been beaten in 10 years after winning 18 straight fights. Conor McGregor’s victory was not only an incredible and unpredictable win, but the manner in which he won it speaks volumes about the Law of Attraction.

As you’ll see from the video above, Conor actually predicted the exact manner in which he would win the fight. He did not spare a single detail. For those who may be a little weary about whether or not the Law of Attraction works, this clip may give you some more confidence.

Two things are highlighted in this clip about the Law of Attraction. The first is that visualisation is a very powerful tool. If you can imagine something to be real in your mind’s eye, with great detail, it will surely increase the chances of manifestation. Along with this, Conor also mentions that you should be confident enough to verbalise what it is that you want. Telling people you’re going to win a match can come across as “cocky” – but what Conor really means here is that you should speak your words into existence by displaying an unwavering belief for what is that you want. He truly believed in himself and in the manner in which he would win, so he spoke about it. Winning was the only reality he believed in and wanted to see. Some may also see this as Conor affirming his own victory to the public.

Conor McGregor is a big believer in the Law of Attraction. He has mentioned it many times before in his interviews. Here’s another video where he talks about visualisation. I really hope these videos inspire you to keep feeding your thoughts in the direction of the change you wish to see in your lives. Our ideas do indeed manifest into reality, we just have to keep believing.

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Author: Vex King

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Main image credit: sportsonearth.com