The term NoFap is quite a new one, NoFap means abstaining from masturbation and watching pornography. On the web, NoFap has a big community, mostly on the website Reddit. Many people are coming out saying that NoFap has many benefits. In this post, you will find out the benefits of Nofap.

Firstly, let me clarify a few things. This is not being celibate. You can have sexual intercourse with women; the main thing is watching porn and masturbating. Porn addiction has become a huge problem, mainly because it’s so easy to access and it has become a normal thing to do. Often kids stumble on pornography and start watching it from an early age. This has damaging effects on the brain and sexuality.

You need 90 days of NoFap PMO (Porn/Masturbation/Orgasm) to reprogram your brain. You can experience even more benefits going past 90 days, however, even going a week can be challenging for some people. Breaking a streak and masturbating is called a relapse. It is important to not give up and go on a new streak and last longer the next one. You can expect to start getting benefits of NoFap even after a week.

1. Increased energy

You probably know that feeling, after masturbation you get mellow and tired and don’t want to do anything. Ejaculation is robbing you of your energy and motivation. In the past, people didn’t have condoms, so the only time they ejaculated was when they wanted children. After that, men had to wait 9 months to have sex again. You have to learn to transmute your sexual energy into life energy. At first, it might be hard and frustrating because you are not used to this amount of energy, you don’t know where to put it. The best advice is to avoid temptation and go do something productive.

2. Increased testosterone

It is scientifically proven that abstinence raises your testosterone. The increase of testosterone means an increase in strength and muscle. People have been reporting weight loss, which can also be attributed to an increase in testosterone. There are examples of this working in boxing. Many boxers back in the day were not allowed to masturbate when they had a fight coming up.

3. Better alertness and reduced brain fog

For me this was big. I remember having a hard time keeping my focus when going to school, now my eyes are wide open and I remember much more. Brain fog is when you zone out and think about other things or get foggy, dizzy.

4. Elimination of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

This has become quite common. The main reason for premature ejaculation is excessive watching of pornography. You get used to extreme forms of sex that lead to not being aroused to real sex. NoFap is surely a thing every man has to try struggling with these problems.

5. Increased quality of sleep

A lot of people have been reporting this benefit, as well as more vivid dreams. I, myself, have noticed that I need fewer hours of sleep to get rested, which increases the amount of time I have in a day and makes me more productive. Another benefit of NoFap people have noticed is better health. When ejaculating you lose sperm. Sperm contains a lot of vital minerals and nutrients that help your immune system. Most of the nutrients lost are trace amounts but zinc (around 5 mg), selenium and copper are lost in significant amounts.

6. Increased confidence and happiness

When doing NoFap you become so much more in tune with yourself and the world around you. You start to find happiness in the little things, and in turn, you become a more confident and free human being.

7. Deeper voice

This is a direct result of getting more confident. When you get more confidence your breathing slows down and gets deeper, also you get more relaxed and lower the diaphragm. This results in a deeper and more manly voice.

8. Better with women

First of all, when you stop watching porn you become more attracted to real girls, even girls you thought wore not so good-looking start to attract you. And it goes both ways. Girls start to notice you more too. Guys on NoFap start to have this mysterious energy that women are attracted to. When conversing with girls you are more sharp and witty. Undoubtedly the most important benefit is that you will be driven to find a girlfriend or real sex, because that is the only way you are allowed to ejaculate.

9. Better sex

Masturbation desensitizes your penis often, making sex not as pleasurable as it could be. Secondly, because you are not used to having ejaculations, they feel so much better. It’s like an addiction when you stop something and then do it again after a long time it enhances the experience. Men doing NoFap have found that their erections are much harder. I’m not going to lie, when having sex after a long time you will probably ejaculate very quickly, but after that, you can go a lot more times without stopping. So, overall you will be able to last for a long time. I don’t think this is a negative thing, it can be positive because it shows that you really like the girl, and it pleases the girl that she made you release so fast.

10. Rewiring your brain

Porn addicts have all kinds of fetishes and once they get bored with one thing, they go to another more hardcore fetish. This leads to men changing their sexual preferences and in some cases changing their sexual orientation. There is a strong correlation between the rise of porn and homosexuality or other sexual orientations. If you were once straight then that means some outside factor has altered your sexuality. Usually, that thing is porn. There are many stories of men turning straight again after doing NoFap. Porn can brainwash our youth and make dysfunctional people.

Things to know before starting NoFap

The benefits of NoFap are amazing, but NoFap is not easy. You will most likely relapse several times but you just have to try to not give up. Here are some things that you might experience while doing NoFap:

  • Pain in the lower abdomen region: this is caused by semen build up. When masturbating regularly, the semen would move regularly. So, when it doesn’t get moved, your body gets confused. After some time, your body will adjust and stop making semen. This is when the body starts to put that energy towards making semen into other things, such as making you more energised.
  • Becoming impatient/aggressive: the cause of this is the massive amounts of energy that you get, and not knowing what to do with it. The best advice is to learn to breathe slowly and relax. Get into exercising, stay busy and catch up with your work. Eventually, you’ll adjust and it will pass.
  • Wet dreams: this might happen the first few months, especially if you encountered someone attractive that day. It’s not bad if you have a wet dream. Actually, it’s another benefit because the dream you will have that night will be unreal.
  • Uncontrollable urges: you may find yourself getting an erection at random times. You must push through the urges. Don’t get comfortable and masturbate to porn. My advice is to take cold showers when this happens and also limit all images that could arouse you.

The most successful people in history have done NoFap. Watch my video about it.

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