Sometimes, it just so happens that you can’t celebrate some special dates with your significant other, even though these dates are very important and precious to both of you.

Once, I also had this experience with my husband. My husband was on a business trip during our first anniversary. It was the first time we were apart and it was a very difficult time for us and our relationship. We both knew that we couldn’t be together on sour first special. However, I didn’t let this become a problem for us, so I began to think of different ways I could be close to my partner on our anniversary.

I surfed the Internet looking for creative ideas. I also asked my friends and relatives to try and get some useful advice that could help me. After some time, I finally found some great ways to be happy with my spouse even while being apart.

Today, I want to share 8 creative ideas that I’ve learned and tested on how to celebrate your anniversary when you’re apart from your significant other. I hope these tips can help you, especially if you’re in a similar situation.

1. Don’t panic

First of all, when you realise that it’s impossible to spend your special day together, you shouldn’t panic or feel nervous. You must plan ahead. What do you want to get from your anniversary: great pleasure or deep disappointment?

2. Surprise your loved one

I’m sure that you’ll make the choice to begin some arrangements in advance to surprise your loved one. It’s so easy to do, too! For example, when I was in this situation, I wrote a lot of small letters with special words for my husband to read, about my love for him. I wrote about how I miss him, how I appreciate our relationship, how I value him, etc. I then put these letters in his clothes – e.g. in the pockets of his shirts, trousers, and jackets.

I also put some letters in his suitcase between the clothes, and in all pockets of the suitcase. So, when he took his toothbrush out, he found my message filled with love and then he smiled. This reminded him of me and he immediately sent me a sweet message. You can try this too; I don’t think either of you will be disappointed!

3. Write 365 symbolic love words

Take 365 small sheets of papers and write 365 words on each page, to describe your relationship with your partner. You can also write down the reasons why you love your other half so much, or what you value in your relationship, and so on. When you fill all the papers out, put them in an envelope and send them to your loved one. In that way, your partner can read 365 sweet words that symbolise everything great about your relationship over the past year.

4. Use your gadgets

Today, we have so many opportunities to connect with those who are miles apart from us. Thus, we must take advantage of our technological progress. Of course, you might talk with your other half over the phone, but you can also have a Skype date or a Google Hangouts date to get closer to your spouse. Also, it’s a good idea to record a special message and post it to your loved one’s Facebook or Twitter.

5. Bring up great moments from your past

An awesome thing to create is a little video or slideshow showing your old photos and video clips. For example, from your wedding day, or when you were traveling together. Upload it on an unlisted YouTube link and send it to your loved with a note saying, “Watch this on our special day!” This video will help you both refresh certain memories and feelings; making your anniversary unforgettable.

6. Send a present to your significant other

With the Internet, you can easily choose and send a present even when you’re far from your other half. You can make the order online and ensure that it’ll be delivered to your loved one’s hands. This present mustn’t be expensive; it must be precious to both of you. It must remind you both of some special moments from your life together. As for me, I gifted a mug to my husband that contained special dates from our life. This showed him that I remember everything and value our memories.

7. Share a distant candlelit dinner together

A fantastic idea is to share a romantic dinner with your significant other, even from a distance. You may have the romantic dinner in front of the computer screen (with the help of Skype), or if you don’t have the opportunity to be together online, you can both agree on what you’ll eat during the evening. Just have the same dishes on your table around the same time, on your special day, so you can feel close to each other.

8. Watch the same movie together

After the candlelit dinner, you can agree on a movie that both of you will watch together, while being apart. Pick a romantic movie that brings out affectionate feelings in your heart. When you do the same things, you will feel nearer.

With these simple and useful ideas, long distance couples can celebrate their anniversaries and make them special, despite not being together physically. There really is no excuse not to enjoy them together.

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Author: Francesca Russon

Francesca Russon is an author at SweetyTextMessages.

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