We have all gotten sad about one thing or another. Some people have a particularly bad month where something tragic occurred and this keeps them sad for a long period. The thing is, if chronic sadness is not controlled, it can lead to depression.

In fact, no one would like to associate with a person that is always sad. So before sadness affects your life negatively or makes you do something you will regret, follow these seven ways to break every wall of sadness in your life.

1. Think about the future, not the past

Even though you have a dark past or something happened on a certain date that makes you sad whenever you think about it, you don’t need to dwell on them. Reflecting on your past will get you trapped in the wall of sadness forever. Your mind will always drag you to that sad event whenever you calm down to reflect on your past. Do not think of the past mistakes or ugly incidents that occurred in your life. Even if it happened five seconds ago, do not spend too much time thinking about it. Think only about the future and create a mental picture of the good things that the future holds for you.

2. Share it with someone and move on

If you have friends or relatives you can confide in, then go ahead and discuss whatever bothers you with them. Bottling things up will stress you out mentally and become too much for you to handle. Spill it out but be sure that the person you are talking to will not judge or even try to fix you.

You can discuss with your therapist or share with a counsellor. Be sure that the person is going to listen to you and empower you with words that will put you in the right mood. Also, learn to share and move on. Do not allow yourself to dwell too much on what you already discussed otherwise your mind will start thinking about the ugly incident again, which might lead to sadness. Do not always raise the dust or make a big deal of the incident by repeatedly sharing it with other people that you come across.

3. Listen to your favourite music

Listening to good music is another great way to break the wall of sadness. It will set your mood and make you feel happy even when you have every reason to be sad. You can also dance and listen to music at the same time. Combining both will help you break the wall of sadness.

4. Think positive

Feeding your mind with positive thoughts is very important. A person with a positive mindset will never know sadness. Do not beat yourself up when you mess up on certain things. Think highly of yourself and use kind words about yourself every day.

5. Surround yourself with good people

“Birds of a feather flock together.” Do not expect to be happy when surrounded by people who are always sad and think negatively. Your friends or the people around you should contribute to your happiness. They should make you happy, not remind you of your dark past that brings sadness.

Move away from anyone who isn’t bringing positive energy or making any meaningful contributions to your life.

6. Do some exercising

Just move your body, even if it’s for a few minutes. Exercise will help refresh your mind and make you sweat out the toxins. Endorphins released by the brain during exercise helps to fight stress. They are the main reason people feel so good and lively after exercising.

7. Gratitude

Everyone has things that they regret, and also those things that they are grateful for no matter how things are in their life. If you take a moment every day to reflect on the things you have achieved in life, you will never have any reason to be sad.

Make a list of all the things in your life that you are happy about. Concentrate on things you are grateful for or that makes you happy whenever you ponder upon them. They could be things you have achieved in life or great moments you cannot forget. Add everything to your list, whether it’s big, small or temporary. If you are always grateful for the things you have achieved in life, you will never know sadness.

Being sad has a negative impact on a person’s life. Chronic sadness can lead to depression which is not a good experience. However, it is not difficult to break the wall of sadness. We have listed steps that can help you live a happier life. Remember that every action must be backed up with discipline. If you don’t discipline yourself, there is no way you can achieve success in your endeavours.

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Author: Samantha Anderson

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