The living room is an important area in your house. It is in this space where you spend your special moments with your family and rub elbows with your guests. Thus it is only necessary that you make your living room a space for good vibes to make social interactions extra-special.

If you believe in the power and energy an area can generate, then you must start to consider feng shui. Feng shui is an ancient metaphysical and quasi-philosophical school of thought that propounds the idea of balancing the energies in an environment.

This ancient practice has attracted the popular taste of the modern era, and some interior designers even incorporate feng shui in their designs. If you want to strike the right balance of good vibes in your living room, here are some ways to start it now.

1. Build your living room close to your outdoor area

This feng shui tip should always be on your list if you want to create for your living room a positive aura. Yes, it is important for feng shui to have your living room location close enough to your outdoor area. As such, you will entice positive energy from nature and, of course, positive vibes.

2. Light up the living room

Letting good vibes and positive energy means letting in some natural light along with nice artificial lighting. For your room to let in some sunlight, it is important that you have huge windows and put on some gauzy window curtains.

At night, it is also essential that your living room has ample lighting. The most popular lighting fixtures that you can have in your living room are chandeliers, pendant lights, and table lamp.

3. Let in some fresh air

Stale air is a no-no in feng shui. Thus it is essential that some fresh air from outside can enter and circulate in your living room. Natural elements are important in feng shui because they attract positive energy.

Aside from the feng shui-backed explanation, letting some fresh air into your room is also good for the health. It keeps both you and your family refresh and physically and emotionally stable.

For this purpose, you need to design your living room in a way that air from the outside can enter. Of course, huge windows can help. Also, you need to avoid decorating your living area with heavy window treatments.

4. Clean up the clutter

If you have visited a feng shui-inspired living room, you will first notice that it is clean and tidy. In fact, a clutter-free living room is a foundation for good feng shui.

Feng shui experts will tell you that too much clutter in a room can ruin the harmony of the energies in the area. That is why you need to declutter your living room and start organising the things and furniture pieces in it.

5. Display some inspirational wall art

Yes, some people are not mindful when choosing for the artworks to display in their living room. As long as they have that cool or chic painting in it, they would go for it without considering its meaning and message.

In feng shui, it is essential that your environment inspires your thought because positive thoughts spur positive actions. Artworks in the living room like a framed painting of nature or a soothing wallpaper will give you peace of mind and positive thoughts.

6. Furnish the living room with round furniture pieces

Another forbidden thing in feng shui is the display of sharp-edged and hard-angled furniture pieces. Feng shui experts called this type of furniture pieces “poison arrows,” which distort the calm energy of the space.

Hence, it is advisable that you furnish your living room with round furniture. Aside from the good energy that these pieces generate, round furniture items are also safe if you have kids at home.

7. Go for the right feng shui colour scheme

Choosing the right colour scheme for your living room is one of the ways in enabling the positive energy to rule. When choosing the colour scheme, it is essential that your choice reflects the five feng shui elements.

There are five elements in feng shui: earth, fire, wood, water, and metal. Every element should have a dominating influence on a particular part of your living room. You need an energy map for this purpose.

For the fire element, you can go for red, orange, pink, and purple. For water, black or blue. You can do with brown and green for the wood element. Go for white or gray for metal, and light yellow and beige for the earth element.

For sure, we want to take in the good vibes in our living room. One way to do this is to consult the feng shui ways of designing your living room. Aside from the positive atmosphere feng shui brings, there are also practical reasons why you need it. You can follow the tips above for this purpose.

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Author: Ivan Palen

Ivan Palen is a lifestyle and home improvement blogger who is interested in feng shui. He writes blog articles covering topics like tips on how to make a cosy living room and DIY outdoor renovation projects. Ivan looks for home essentials like furniture in sites like Black Mango for his articles.

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