We all have these challenging moments when we feel that we simply can’t go on. Life appears to be so tough and unforgiving that all strength is gone and the future looks dark.

The true strength of every person becomes apparent in times of adversity. Every therapist will tell you that relationship and financial troubles, the loss of a loved one and health problems are the ones that will truly test your inner strength, your values and beliefs. If you’re going through such troubles and you can’t cope with them on your own, finding an experienced therapist will provide you with a bit of additional support to find the strength within.

The way you think about life and about these challenges is the most important factor for making it through to the other side. Mantras are particularly beneficial because they can help you build your mental and emotional strength. Psychologists, including professionals in the city of Calgary, believe in the power of mantras because positive and realistic affirmations help you find the strength within, the strength needed to keep on moving.

Without further ado, here are some of the most powerful mantras that will help you find the motivation to keep on going even when life appears to be extra-hard on you.

1. Failure is a part of the journey towards success

Failure is a normal part of life and everybody goes through it. It’s very important to accept failure and see it as an opportunity rather than a shortcoming. It teaches us all valuable lessons and gives us a much better idea of who we are and what really matters to us.

Every time you fall, you get a new opportunity to get up and grow stronger than ever before. Be thankful for these opportunities.

Tell yourself that bad things will eventually lead to good things. Positive and negative are notions that exist solely in our heads. Once you learn to see hindrances as chances in life, you’ll become much more capable of recovering from hardships.

2. Life begins now, let go of the past

Our life is all about movement. People who dwell on the past become stuck in the moment and they find it incredibly difficult to move on. This is why counselling professionals will typically advise their patients to live in the present and let go of baggage.

Tell yourself each morning that life begins now. The past provides valuable experiences and memories but you can’t keep on re-living moments that are long gone and cannot be changed.

Let go of the past. Let go of the good things and the bad things. They’ve served their purpose at the time. You now have a new opportunity to change your existence and do something meaningful with your life.

If you’re too stuck on regretting the things that have been, you may miss on the things that potentially can be. Regret leads to even more regret, creating a vicious cycle you’ll be incapable of breaking free from.

3. I’m stronger than I think

It’s nothing but normal for most of us to doubt our inner strength. With time, these doubts will take over, making it impossible to identify a source of power.

Tell yourself that you’re stronger than you think. It may seem that you simply can’t go on when tragedy strikes. The human spirit, however, is a source of endless power. Once you conquer an obstacle, you’ll realise just how much strength is hidden inside you.

This is one of the reasons why you should view obstacles as opportunities – they often reveal skills and power that you were unaware of.

4. I can

This is probably the simplest mantra but therapists love it. It’s powerful and profound. Just look at your reflection in the mirror each morning, smile and say “I can!”

Tell yourself you can do something, even when you feel that you simply can’t. if you tell your sub-consciousness that you’re capable of accomplishments, your body will usually follow and help you make progress.

5. I am not a victim

The victim mentality can be detrimental. It will make you stop in the face of adversity and it will keep you from realizing your full potential. A mantra can be sufficient to change your thinking. Instead of being a victim you’ll start looking for creative solutions for your problems.

You may feel hurt, powerless and embarrassed. You may feel that all injustices have come upon you while others are enjoying the pleasures of life. These feelings are normal. Think about it, however. You haven’t been defeated. You’re still here – breathing, thinking and moving. As long as you’re on this planet, you have an opportunity to turn your life around.

The situations and the people that have hurt you are weaker than you because you’re still here! Don’t forget it.

6. I am in control of my thinking and my emotions

Whatever challenges you have to deal with, remember that you’re in control of your emotions and not vice versa.

When feelings become overwhelming, it’s easy to let go and lose control. It’s very important to acknowledge consciously that you’re in control and you’re capable of handling the situation. Emotions may be uncomfortable but they’re not going to have a prolonged negative impact on your existence. Accept these emotions, give yourself some time to heal and move on.

People suffer the most when they’re unwilling to face uncomfortable emotions. Once you let go and face challenges head-on, you’ll find yourself much more capable of processing tough situations.

7. Whatever is going to happen will happen

Whether you worry about the future or you accept changes in life calmly, there are events and occurrences that you simply don’t have control over. Even if you spend countless nights worrying and making plans, it will still be impossible to prevent certain situations.

Learn to accept everything that destiny throws your way calmly. Do the best you can do under the circumstances and don’t worry about the future. You’re alive right here and right now. This is the fact that matters the most.

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Author: Suzie Wolfer

Suzie Wolfer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Somatic Experiencing Professional. She has over 25,000 hours in face to face work with clients, and also worked in the business world in international trade as well as a University research director and as a professional artist and teacher. You can read more about Suzie and Counseling Services of Portland by visiting their website.

Main image credit: unsplash.com