Peace of mind is something that many of us yearn for and work hard to have. However, the truth is that we live in a time where peace of mind is a luxury, and we have become accustomed to living a life where we welcome stress as part of our being. We think that peace of mind and relaxation can only be afforded by those who are high up the corporate and executive ladder, and we in the middle should just live with what we have.

Going back to ancient belief, peace of mind or “a state of zen” can be achieved through personal effort. You control your mind and body, and therefore you can control yourself to have the peace of mind you yearn. Here are simple personal growth exercises that can boost your peace of mind.

1. Think grateful thoughts

In a lot of ways, gratefulness is the exact opposite of bitterness. When you carry bitter thoughts in your mind, you will be stressed and easily angered at all times. Bitterness is rust that eats the peace in us gradually until we develop demons within ourselves. Gratefulness, on the other hand, is the first big step to peace of mind. When you are grateful, you are happy with the things that you have, instead of regretting the things that you don’t. It will make your mind feel lighter and more peaceful.

2. Keep a gratitude journal

When you think of grateful thoughts, list down the things you are thankful about, from as simple as waking up this morning up to the biggest achievements you have in life. You will learn that, even with the challenges life throws at you, there are still a lot to be thankful for. Keep your gratitude journal active and add things to be thankful about every day. When something threatens to disturb your peace, go through this journal again. The practice is therapeutic and mind-occupying that you will eventually forget about the stress and renew your peace of mind.

3. Meditation

Meditation is the act of training the mind to reach a level of consciousness that the mind can attain. In many cultures, meditation is used to clear the mind and achieve a sense of peace. Although there are certain practices involved in meditation that can be learned through years of practice, you can meditate on your own. Start by going somewhere or space where you feel peaceful. Clear your mind and think of peaceful thoughts. From a few minutes to a few hours, meditation can boost your ability to control your peace of mind.

4. Learn something new

Learning something new in your life – a new hobby, sport or knowledge – can be life altering. When your life becomes a routine, this is where most stress and turmoil begin. Learning something new and adding a new spontaneous activity to your daily life can make you realise that there are still actually a lot more to learn out there. This can be a humbling realisation which can bring you peace and relaxation.

5. Use your senses

Sometimes, we get too busy with our careers and daily lives that we take for granted the simple things that we have or the little things that we can do, such as breathe and smell the flowers. It may sound cliché but going back to the basics is actually a good way to reset your mind and attain peace. Appreciate how your eyes get to see the beauty of nature every day. From the natural gardens to the concrete jungle, everything is interconnected and you are part of it. Taste new dishes and explore the world by exposing your senses to appreciate all the world has to offer. This practice, as simple as it may be, can make you connect with yourself and bring you inner peace.

6. Go for a walk

Boosting your inner peace can sometimes be as simple as going out for a walk. When the mind becomes too busy and full, you need alone time to refresh and replenish your energy. Thinking can drain out your energy too. Going for a walk and inhaling fresh air can help your mind and body relax. This is a simple therapy that can loosen up the tightened muscles in your body due to stress and tension. Going for a walk will allow you to clear your mind or organise your thoughts.

7. Define your higher values

It is always a choice that you alone can make. You can help yourself by defining your higher values. When stressed out, it is easy to succumb to tiredness, depression and even bitterness. However, if you live by your higher values and think about them every day, then you can look at challenges in the eye and get through them easily. Knowing this can give you a strong peace of mind.

Apart from all these personal exercises, a sound body can also be a great way to achieve peace of mind. You can learn more from diet review on Training in The Bay. Your peace of mind is something you can control. Through these personal exercises, you can achieve the peace and serenity always even in times of stress.

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