The current situation of the professional world seldom gives you time to relax both physically as well as mentally. The work pressure is certainly taking its toll on us both from the physical and the mental point of view. Thus we find ourselves in the middle of a never ending search for a remedy which attends both the issues simultaneously. After a lot of research work in this regard, it has been found out that yoga is the omnipresent solution which can be used rather has been used over centuries to solve not only the issues related to the body but also in relation to the mind apart from providing the element of spirituality which enriches the life of people without any scope for doubt. Yoga has been serving people from time unknown and was first mentioned in the oldest secret texts of the Rig-Veda. But the fact that it is an aspect which can be practiced by one and all is an absolutely modern phenomenon. In the current discourse, we will hereby try to figure out certain yoga which can be practiced with ease and throughout all genres of humanity and throughout all age groups.

1. Hatha

Perhaps the easiest form of yoga where much fitness and hard work is not required. These are basically different introductory postures used in most of the branches of yoga. The routine is not at all hard work, it is rather calm and laid back and is designed to relax the body and mind after an entire day’s stress. As such, the beginners should obviously try a hand in Hatha classes.

2. Vinyasa

Vinyasa on the other hand lends a lot of variety to the workout session. It generally fuses intense work-outs with peace. Unlike other yoga sessions, the quietness is replaced by music and the sessions are a lot of fun. It’s a continuous process as is imaginable from the name itself. Vinyasa, a Sanskrit word, generally means flow. So people with basic concepts in workouts, such as Zumba, will find it easier to get accustomed to this form, which basically works on increasing physical fitness and stress relief.

3. Ashtanga

Parting its way from meditation, Ashtanga is more about fast movements of the different parts of the body which in most cases are physically demanding. In this type of yoga, each and every movement is connected to a breath and rhythm usually generated from the style itself. One generally feels comfortable with the basic concepts after practicing this form as it works on fitness with the help of rigorous physical exercise.

4. Iyengar

A form mostly used with the help of a teacher and is famous for using props like ropes, straps, chairs, blankets, etc. The usage of props makes this form attainable for even specially abled or disabled people. Here the primary responsibility of the teacher is to maintain safety because every posture requires a lot of attention for the body, specifically the muscles. The thing that sets Iyengar apart from all yoga forms is that I this form the poses are held much longer and as such, the successful practice of this form build extreme strength.

5. Bikram

This form is a specially designed branch of yoga which requires a customised setup. The basic requirement is of overly heated rooms and a set of 26 postures to be done in a specific order which is quite physically demanding. This helps is working out a great amount of sweat.

6. Anusara

A form more concerned about inner peace, Anusara is one of the latest forms of yoga to be developed. It works on the seven main ‘loop’ points of the body so that the practitioner not only reaches a distinct level of organic and muscular energy but also works on the attainability of balance and achievement of inner peace. This form basically works as the gateway to meditation apart from the physical components.

7. Jivamukti

The most popular form of yoga practiced all over USA, Jivamukti is famous for the spiritual aspect it introduces. This form is theme based and is special for the varieties it offers. Generally the practice of this form is theme based and incorporates readings, music, chants, etc, and works on meditation and spirituality.

As such, whenever you feel stressed out and the world does not feel like a good place to live in, try your hand out at these different types of yoga. They will definitely manage to enliven you and gets you up and running in order to achieve your pursuits. There are innumerable wellness centres across the world ready to lend their helping hand once you decide to refresh yourself with the help of yoga. But, the primary step to go through all these things is the mind-set required to convince you to shed some sweat.

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