Mobile technologies have influenced numerous aspects of our modern lives. They help us cook, date, drive and get fit. If you wish you were more self-empowered and confident, here’s some good news: with the help of the right mobile apps, your smartphone can become your life coach.

You’d be surprised to learn how many applications there are to help users build their self-esteem and gain confidence. And building self-esteem is worth your time because it helps to take better care of yourself, strive toward more goals and fulfilment, be more resilient in overcoming obstacles and view yourself as someone capable.

Here are seven apps that helped me to fight self-doubt, become at peace with myself, and regain motivation.

1. Confidence Coach

The Confidence Coach is an interesting app that was developed by two clinical psychologists. It takes a unique psychological approach known as cognitive behavioral therapy. The experts have over 25 years of experience in therapy and their unique combinations of techniques is bound to help you change the way you think, behave, and feel.

It can be self-diagnosis, hypnosis or words of affirmation, you will see how the app helps to improve the way you feel about yourself. You can monitor your behavior and track your strengths in the positive quality diary. Use the Confidence Commitments features to remind yourself of your goals in improving your self-esteem.

2. Happier

Happier is an app that will guide you to discover all the positive things in your life. The app basically helps users to notice the good things about themselves and the world – and nothing helps more to build a high self-esteem. Thanks to this social gratitude journal and the inspiring community that surrounds it, I was able to keep track of the small happy moments and felt much better as I cherished positivity every single day.

The app practically enables users to curate the things that make them happy. It also shows many ways in which one can instill happiness in their life. Give it a go and you’ll be surprised how many good things surround you.

3. Simply Being

Positive self-image is built upon positive mindset. Simply Being is an app based on meditation as a road to self-discovery and self-esteem boosting. You can choose for how long you’d like to meditate and then benefit from the guided meditation process.

Research shows that meditation helps chronically depressed patients and reduces their relapse rate by half. The app allows to customize your meditation experience – you can add your own music or select soothing sounds of nature.

4. ThinkUp

This app was designed to help users build their self-improvement programs and motivate themselves to achieve their goals. And the design is pretty smart: the app will use your own voice to give you positive feedback and affirmations. You’ll see how it can reduce stress in your life and improve your sleep. I was surprised at how much this app affected my well-being – and my newly gained self-confidence really helped me to reach my goals.

As your self-esteem improves, you might also become more creative in your response to problems – and that’s just great if you’re facing an issue you haven’t been able to solve for a long time.

5. Unstuck

Unstuck is just perfect if you find yourself stuck in a rut – be it a relationship, work, feeling unmotivated, or having a lot of negative thoughts. The app basically helps users to figure out where and why they are stuck, helping them see what they need to become unstuck. Doesn’t it sound like the best problem-solving assistant ever? The next step is taking action – that’s how you can fully benefit from this app. Guided by this app, you’ll be on your way to revolutionizing your life.

6. Cognitive Diary

Cognitive Diary is a self-help apps that fosters personal growth and development. Sometimes, you might encounter a problem that builds a wall in your life, preventing you from reaching fulfillment. You need to break this wall down to reach your full potential as an individual. With Cognitive Diary, you will be able to see what triggers and thought patterns lead you into negative minds steps.

Once you know what you’re facing, you’ll be able to remove the conflict from your daily life. The app is based on tools of cognitive behavior therapy and it was developed by a licensed, practicing psychotherapist. You can be sure that all information in your diary is protected with a password.

7. Build Confidence

Build Confidence is a set of self-improvement exercises and guided meditation features – all in one app. Pop in your headphones and drift into a meditative state that helps to build your self-esteem. You will become more attentive to the positive aspects of your life and relieved from anxiety.

You can choose from various settings that focus on either boosting self-esteem or ensuring deep sleep. The app was created by Andrew Johnson who is a specialist in relaxation and coping skills. And a must-have tool for self-improvement. Have a look at the developer’s page to discover more apps for procrastination, stress, sleep, or weight loss.

Millennials are known as the generation that never separates from their smartphones. Although they are often criticised for that by older generations, considering the richness of apps which help users reach their individual potential, it seems like a smart move.

Try one of these apps to remind yourself of all the good things in your life, achieve your goals, and boost your self-confidence.

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Author: Thomas Raynott

Thomas is an IT specialist, interested especially in how technology redefines and enhances different aspects of life. Whenever he isn’t working on new development projects he likes to share his views by writing articles.

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