Do you fight for what you want in life? Do you strive everyday to be the best YOU can possibly be? We found some incredible TED talks that will surely fire up your spirit to climb a higher mountain, on how you can be whatever you want to be and what you should do to get there.

1. How to stop screwing yourself over, by Mel Robbins

“If you have one of those impulses that are pulling you, if you don’t marry it with an action within 5 seconds, you pull the emergency break and kill the idea.” Mel Robbins shares on what’s stopping you to get what you want and what you can do about it.

2. The big secret nobody wants to tell, by Bruce Muzik

Bruce Muzik talks about how you can feel numb inside even if you’ve already achieved success. He shares his own personal story on how he took action on his “hypocrite and racist mentality” towards black people.

3. Programming your mind for success, by Carrie Green

Carrie Green talks about the things that STOP you from getting what you want. It could be fear, obstacles or lack of motivation. She states that having a negative mind can limit you and make you lose out on great opportunities. She shares how you can program your mind to get what you really want in life.

4. The psychology of self-motivation, by Scott Geller

Scott Geller talks about how you can empower yourself to get things done even if you have limited time and resources. He emphasises what can happen to you if you learn to motivate yourself every single day. There are 3 questions that you should ask yourself to feel empowered and stay on track with what you want to get in life.

5. My philosophy for a happy life, by Sam Berns

Sam Berns shares his insights on what can make your life really happy. He talks about the important things and aspects of life that you should remember. He also shares the best moments of his life where he proved to the world that disease like Progeria will not stop him from dreaming and living life to the fullest.

6. How to overcome hopelessness, by Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is a popular author and speaker. He served as an inspiration on how you can strive for success, happiness and fulfilment in life, despite the circumstances that you face. He has no arms and legs, yet he believed that there are miracles. And even if miracles don’t happen to you, that’s okay because you can be someone’s miracle.

We all need a little boost and reminder on HOW to get through this life, while being HAPPY.

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