There is lots of negativity in this world that we have no control over: traffic, pollution, social pressure, corruption, etc.

If we let this negativity affect us, we will spend our entire life worrying over something that we have no power over. We may not have control over some things, but we have full control over how we handle these things. Bring a positive change in your life by starting with yourself.

How can you invite positivity into your life?

Start doing these powerful steps for a happier and more successful you.

1. Explore your inner world

Getting in touch with your inner world gives you a sense of calmness and consciousness. It is also a great way to relax and lower down your stress level.

Below are some of the activities that you can perform on how to explore your inner world.

  • Creative Visualisation – This technique helps to expand and explore the mental conception of reality. You put your awareness to what’s currently happening. You close your eyes and put yourself in a quiet state and fully grasp the sounds, surroundings, feelings of reality.
  • Expression – Have you ever been caught up in your emotions? Emotions can sometimes get the best of us, especially if they were not acknowledged and dealt with accordingly. This exercise allows you to feel every aspect of your emotions such as anger, pain, joy, sadness – and express them. Paint, sing, or dance your feelings!
  • Meditation – It’s a great exercise to zero out the outside forces and focus on your inner self. It provides relaxation as well as other health benefits.

2. Rid your life of negativity

When we close our windows to the negativity of life, we open our doors to the positive things.

How do we remove the negativity from our life?

The first thing we can do is minimise relationships that are toxic. Have you been stuck in a toxic relationship for years? Do you have friends who take too much advantage of you? Do you always feel a co-worker is putting you down?

You don’t have to endure any of these toxic relationships. Cut off ties with people who make you feel little and worthless.

Let go of your worries, fears and anxieties as well. They stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone and achieving greater things

3. Take baby steps

You can’t climb to the top of the mountain overnight. You have to start with the first step until you reach the top.

Creating a change in you works the same way. You can’t transform yourself overnight either. You have to take baby steps until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Try to target one habit at a time. You will only set yourself up to failure if you attempt to change more than one habit at a time.

Start with smaller goals first. Say you have been trying to quit smoking for a long time. Start your target at 30 days instead of a longer period. If you do not smoke for the entire 30 days, extend your target until you totally quit smoking.

4. Eliminate the non-essentials

Have you ever walked into a closet that’s about to burst because of disorganised clothes, shoes, bags, purses, etc?

Eliminating your life of non-essentials is like de-cluttering your closet.

When you remove all the stuff that you are no longer using, you will find a clean, well-organised closet where there is enough space for more things.

Assess your life to discover all the things that are non-essential.

Are there errands that you’re doing for others that don’t benefit you at all?

When you eliminate all the non-essential things, you will find more time and energy to learn new things and improve yourself.

With small yet persistent effort, you are bound to succeed.

5. Try a new workout

Having a regular exercise provides countless benefits. It gives you a toned and healthy body, lowers your risk of getting diseases and gives you a happy boost of energy.

If you’ve been doing the same workout for a long time and feel tired and bored of it, try your hands on new workout routine, like exercise on a rowing machine for weight loss.

Going through a new workout sparks your excitement and fuels your drive.

6. Plant something

Did you know that gardening can lower down anxiety and stress levels?

Planting is a great exercise. You will burn calories as you dig, plant and water the plant. It also sharpens and enhances your mind, as well as being an avenue to let out all the stress and negativity after a long and tiring day.

Plus, watching something you plant grow into a beautiful plant creation will bring immense joy and a sense of pride.

Start bringing a positive change in your life today by practicing these steps. Embrace the new you that is capable of doing great things

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Author: Scott Murphy

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