With the pace at which Instagram is growing (400 million users and counting) and the kind of opportunity it offers to bloggers and business owners who are looking to promote their websites, no one would want to miss the chance to promote their blog and drive crazy traffic in less time. Tweaking your fashion photography skills could be the best way to get started. More on that in this iDigic Infographic.

However, Instagram is not the only social platform you can use to grow your blog. There are many others and specific techniques you can use to drive more traffic to your blog. Here are some simple and effective ways to do this:

1. Create a Facebook page for your blog

Let’s face it, Facebook is the biggest social media networking site on the Internet and it makes sense to utilize it as a platform to get traffic to your blog. Post all your recent articles on your Facebook page with the links in not just your timeline but also in targeted FB groups so that you get a wider reach for your posts. When someone shares your article or likes your page, it shows up on the feeds of their friends, and thus helps your content go viral, which in turn, translates into organic traffic for your blog.

2. Guest post on relevant blogs

Guest posting is so effective for blog promotions because it not only supercharges your SEO rankings but also gets you more visitors from other blogs. Do an extensive research and find the most authoritative blogs in the fashion niche (preferably the ones with 20 and above) and reach out to them with a great pitch. Once you start getting requests to write for them, make it a point to write at least one article a day for a month. That will give you 30 quality backlinks plus the chance to get fashion blog readers from 30 cool blogs.

3. Comment on other blogs

Use your spare time to visit the most popular fashion blogs in your city or country and read through them. In addition to the ideas and inspiration that you get from those blogs, you could also use them as an effective medium to get noticed by regular readers. How? All you need to do is leave comments.

Wait, not the “Great post, thanks for sharing” comments. They suck big time! Write a lengthy comment that highlights the missing points in the articles that you’ve just read through, so that you actually get noticed by the blogger and readers. The more informative and interesting your opinion is, the better are your chances of getting noticed. It’s similar to the good karma you get in Reddit for every great answer.

4. Do expert roundups

Find out a list of fashion blogs that allow interviews. Even if there are limited options, make sure to reach out to regular bloggers (it’s easy to connect with tons of bloggers on social media) and ask each of them to give their opinion on a common subject that could change the fashion industry for good. Combine their answers and post it as a single expert roundup on your blog. This will help increase your visitor interest dramatically.

5. Socialize locally

The best way to bring thousands of new visitors to your fashion blog is to find people who are interested in fashion and photography and promote your blog link aggressively on those sites. If there is something that can complement traffic from social media and other blogs, it has to be forums. Fashion forums. Again, repeat the great work that you did with blog commenting and guest posting. Forums are better in a way because unlike blog commenting, they allow you to answer people’s questions in detail, which actually helps them to understand that you are a knowledgeable and experienced person in the industry. Once you become a regular contributor and start getting recognition, it’s only a matter of time before they check out your profile and land on your blog.

6. Request your existing readers to share your content

If you are updating your fashion blog on a regular basis and promoting in on Facebook and forums, then chances are that you’ve probably gained a sizeable following already. The key is to take advantage of your traffic and multiply it. What better way than asking your readers for help?

Try implementing these ideas correctly for a month. You could even see your fashion blog traffic increase by 100% to 150%.

We hope you enjoyed the tips in this post – they’re practical and easy to incorporate. If you have suggestions or feedback, feel free to leave them in the comments. Cheers!

Author: Daphne

Daphne is the writer and social media strategist at iDigic. He is also a part-time fashion photographer who travels frequently from New York to Texas meeting inspiring photographers and capturing awe-inspiring moments through his Canon EOS 7D.

Main image credit: anoushkaprobyn.biz