In general, pessimists are lonely. They lack the energy needed to make an experience more valuable. Instead of learning from bad instances, they will choose to complain and live in bitterness. They anticipate the negative outcomes in every situation thus they fail to enjoy the rest of the moment.

The worst part of having pessimists in your life is that they tend to pull you down and make you suffer the same ill feelings they have. Gloom follows them all around and it will be best to know how to deflect their loneliness and dissatisfaction with everything.

Here is a nifty guide on how to deal with pessimists before you lose your peace of mind:

1. Stay compassionate

Pessimists don’t receive a lot of compliments. Instead of being upset with them, why not make it positive? Say sorry that they feel that way and then tell them how lucky you are that they trust you that much to tell you about their problems. This expression of empathy from your end will help a pessimist see a positive light and let go of a negative emotion even for a few minutes.

2. Confront a pessimist in a kind way

Some of them may not even know how negative they act or sound. Be honest and tell them how their negative behaviour also affects the people around them. Ask why they feel bad about a lot of things. They might have a deeper problem that they need a hand with and need to vent out so they can calm themselves.

3. Learn to deflect playfully then change the topic

Tell a pessimist how lonelier the world will be if you submit yourselves to negativity. Encourage a positive attitude by talking about something good. Perhaps about an activity they enjoy or food they like. You may even tell a joke. Anything that will ease the tension they currently feel.

4. Make things positive

Instead of seeing their “forecasts” negatively, why not use them to prepare for possible difficulties. You can even thank them for anticipating such problems. It will make them feel useful and appreciated and in return, you will get more in control of the situation being able to bend the negative things towards a more positive vibe.

5. Weed them out

If all else fails and you can’t take any more of the negative attitude, avoid that person as much as you can. Misery loves company so they say and you wouldn’t want to be that companion, right? Constantly hearing negative remarks and complaints can be draining, and you will end up frustrated or annoyed. It wouldn’t hurt to limit your interactions with them and may even serve as a wake-up call once they notice the change.

There are ways to deal with pessimists. Yes, it will take a while but the efforts will pay off in the end. Negativity is highly contagious so better stop these people from ruining your day. Instead of complaining about the ill behaviour, see it as an opportunity to change a life and be the solution.

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Author: Cari Samalik

I am a Michigan based entrepreneur, Mum and the CEO & co-founder of Livnfresh. A state related t-shirt brand. Previously, I worked in healthcare and food and beverage industries before marrying into a screen printing business.

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