Drinking green tea has numerous health benefits; it is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. Green tea has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. Green tea is extremely nutritious and it is packed with antioxidants which are great for your body. I have listed five of the top benefits of drinking green tea below.

1. Promotes weight loss

Green tea is great for weight loss, as mentioned in a recent article I wrote on how to burn fat fast. The proof that green tea is a great tool for aiding fat loss can be seen when looking at nearly all weight loss supplements. Most weight loss pills, fat burners or thermogenic’s contain green tea extract. There was a study recently which showed that drinking green tea helped to increase fat oxidation by 17%; this shows how powerful it can be.

2. Lowers risk of cancer

Cancer is a horrible thing and it is caused by the uncontrollable growth of cells. Studies have shown that antioxidants can help to reduce the risk of getting cancer. A recent analysis found that women who drank green tea had a 22% lower risk of contracting breast cancer, and men drinking green tea had a 48% lower risk of developing prostate cancer. These figures are remarkable and although they are only based on one study, the signs are still positive.

3. Lowers risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia. Dementia has a number of symptoms such as memory loss and difficulties with language. Parkinson’s is a disorder of the central nervous system which can lead to shaking, rigidity and slowness of movement. Both of these diseases are caused by damage to the brain. Drinking green tea can help increase brain function and also protect the brain from such diseases as you get older. In addition, green tea contains catechin compounds and these have been found to have positive effects on neurons in the brain.

4. Green tea can kill bacteria

The catechin compounds which I have mentioned above also help fight bacteria in your body. This can help your body overcome things such as viruses. One of the most harmful bacterium in your mouth is known as Streptococcus mutants; it causes the build up of plaque and this leads to cavities. The catechin compound helps to stop Streptococcus mutants from multiplying in your mouth, thus reducing bacteria and improving dental hygiene.

5. Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes affects roughly 300 million people globally. It has quickly become a common problem for a number of people. It is caused by the body having increased blood sugar levels due to the body’s inability to produce insulin. Studies have shown that drinking green tea can help to reduce your blood sugar levels and also improve insulin sensitivity. There have been a number of studies which have looked into the effect of green tea on type 2 diabetes and they have all shown that it can help reduce the risk of getting it.


So, it is evident that green tea has numerous health benefits, five of which I have stated above. I have never drunk normal tea or coffee before in my life but I have recently added green tea to my daily routine. I usually have one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening. However, how much you have is up to you. It is recommended to have at least two cups a day minimum to reap the benefits of green tea. The biggest difference I have noticed since I started drinking green tea is in terms of weight loss; I have seen positive changes in regards to my goal of becoming leaner!

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it informative. Share this article with your friends and family so that they can also benefit from the goodness of green tea!

Author: Dillan Patel

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