Since you’re reading this post, that means that you’re a living, breathing human being. And it also means that you probably have some interest in developing yourself, and striving to be a better person tomorrow than you are today. Maybe you want to increase your wealth, or your health, or have better relationships.

But here’s the problem most people run into (and the problem you’ve probably run into multiple times before too..)

The BIG Problem That’s Preventing Your Success: You just can’t stay motivated, and you just can’t stay disciplined, and you just can’t take enough consistent action over a long enough period of time to make lasting, positive change in your life and achieve your goals. (That was a total mouthful right? But hopefully you catch my drift)

Here’s how things usually play out. You realize that you want to make a change in your life or you set your sights on some goal you want to achieve in your life.  So you commit, and you promise to yourself that you’re going to do whatever you have to do to make that change and achieve your goal.

So you start off, and things are great! You’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, you’re building some momentum and you’re seeing some progress.


One day you wake up, and you realize that you’re not as motivated as you were initially. And you realize that maybe you don’t want to change as badly as you thought you did. And you realize that maybe that goal you wanted to achieve, just isn’t all that important. So you give up, and accept your life the way it is.

Sound familiar?

But you’re not alone. There are literally TONS of people dealing with this same problem every single day. And each person goes through the same cycle.

First you realize that the way you’re living your life needs to improve. Then you take a lot of action in very short period of time. Then you start to burn out. And you eventually end up right back where you started.

That’s a problem. It’s a MAJOR problem. It sucks when you realize you want to achieve a goal, or make a change, and you know you want it badly, but you just can’t seem to stay motivated and disciplined long enough to actually achieve what you want. You feel like you’re STUCK!

So I took the liberty of creating a system, that if followed, will drastically increase your chances of staying disciplined, staying motivated, and taking consistent action so you can reach your goals and improve your life and fulfil your desires.

So what is this system?

The system

This system works on any goal, for pretty much any person, in any situation. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the lowest point of your life and trying to improve, or at the highest point in your life and trying to maintain.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Straight, Gay, Tall, Short, Blue, Purple, Left, Right, Up, Down, In or Out. None of that matters.

This system doesn’t judge.

And this it works so well because it takes whatever it is you’re trying to achieve in your life, and it breaks it down into almost a formulaic process of achievement that makes complete sense and is simple to implement immediately into your life.

It leverages our natural tendencies as humans, and allows you to minimize obstacles while simultaneously exploiting each and every factor that supports your achievement and success.

I call it, the Consistent Action System or CAS.

You’re going to want to read this page very carefully, hell, I would even suggest that you read it multiple times! Take notes, and then start applying this stuff in your life immediately.

What you’re about to read could prove to be a HUGE turning point for your life, and allow you to finally find the success that’s been so elusive in the past.

The Consistent Action System is broken down into 5 separate phases. Let’s explore each phases.

Learn the steps of the Consistent Action System  

The following flowchart outlines the Consistent Action System.

If you plan to execute this plan, you’ll need to reference it often.

When you’re working towards achieving any goal in life, or making any change, you’ll need this system. Otherwise, you’ll end up defeated and frustrated. And you’ll eventually find yourself right back where you started.

This is a warning: You can learn all you want want about goal-setting, and productivity, and self-improvement, but there’s ZERO value in that information alone. It’s not until you learn how to leverage that knowledge and understand how to you can apply it in your own life using the CAS.

Here’s the flowchart of the Consistent Action System…

career timeline

Here are the phases:

  • Create your life plan
  • Create strategic goals
  • Identify the actions you must take
  • Develop habits that automate your achievement
  • Boost your willpower

We’ll dig deeper on each of these steps in a moment, but first, I want you to understand something.

The CAS works in a way where each phase builds upon the work you did in the previous phases.

So the very first thing you do is create your life plan. That gives you the big picture view of your life. From there, you create goals that move you closer towards you fulfilling your life plan.

Then, you identify the exact actions you need to take immediately to start achieving your most important goals. Once you’ve identified the actions you have to take, you develop the proper habits so you can automate those actions in your life.

And finally, you learn how to boost your willpower so you can stick it out when things get tough.

Notice that you can’t complete one phase without completing the phase before it. You can’t develop habits until you know which actions you should take. You won’t know which actions you should take until you create your goals. And you can’t create any goals until you know where the hell you’re life is headed.

It’s a very systematic approach to a life filled with massive achievement.

So let’s dig a little deeper.

Phase 1: Create your life plan

You see, here’s where most people mess up. This is the part that almost everyone is going to get wrong.

People always talk about what goals they want to achieve, and what change they want to make in their lives. So they jump right into trying to make that happen. But they miss the all important step of first clearly identifying exactly what it is they want out of life.

How on Earth can you have an actual shot at achieving your goal if you’re not even 100% why you want to achieve and how it fits into the bigger picture of your life?

The life plan is so important because it does two major things.

First, it gives you direction. Your life plan becomes the roadmap for your life. It lets you know how you should be acting each and every single day. It dictates how you spend your time and how you set your priorities.

Second, it give you purpose. Your life plan gives you strong reason to fight and persevere. When you can close your eyes and imagine your life plan fulfilled, it’s extremely motivating.

So you want to plan out your life. Be as creative and as detailed as you want. The main thing is that it provides your life with clear direction.

Phase 2: Set your strategic goals

Now that you have your life plan in place, you need to create goals that move you closer and closer towards fulfilling your life plan.

Every single goal you set for yourself should relate directly to some part of your life plan. And this connection is super important! You see, if there’s a disconnect between your goals and your life plan, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Because eventually, a day will come where your goals just don’t seem that important. And you’d rather just give up and accept the life you’re already living instead of striving for more. And if you don’t have a strong WHY behind those goals (which comes from your life plan) then you won’t have the mental power to keep pushing. You’ll just give up.

So create goals and use them as milestones that show progress through your life plan.

Phase 3: Identify the actions that will support your goals

Now that you know exactly what goals you need to reach in order to fulfil your life plan, it’s time for you to figure exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals.

You have to identify the exact actions you must take that will allow you to achieve your goal. Wanna lose weight? Then you know you’ve gotta eat healthy and hit the gym. Wanna pay of debt? Then you know you’ve gotta cut up your credit cards and stop spending money you don’t have.

You catch my drift.

The more specific and detailed you can be about these actions, the better your chances of actually finding success with this system.

Phase 4: Create habits that automate goal achievement

Once you’ve clearly identified the actions you need to perform in order to achieve your goals, the next step is to take those actions and turn them into habits.

This a HUGE part of finding success with this system.

Habits allow you to automatically perform certain actions. So imagine being able to automatically perform certain actions that help you achieve your goals and fulfil your life plan. What kind of impact would that have on your life?

The habits are so important to develop because it reduces the risk of you losing motivation and giving up. When you DON’T build habits, you’re forced to use your willpower to try and push through everything. That can work for a short while, like you’ll see in the next phase, but it’s not a long term solution.

Phase 5: Boost your willpower to stay motivated

The last and final phase is to boost your willpower. In the previous phase, you developed your habits. But here’ the thing, habits can’t be built over night. They take time to develop.

So while that’s happening, you have to be able to muster up enough willpower so you can make it through until your habits start kicking in.

Aside from your habits, your willpower will be a huge help for those days when your motivation is low and you feel like giving up (And those days are GUARANTEED to come!).

You can think of your willpower as the “glue” that holds this entire system together.

Put it all together to create an amazing life

The Consistent Action System (CAS) is all about showing you how to stay disciplined, stay motivated and take consistent action towards the life you truly desire to live.

It’s a system that can be used over and over again. No matter how your circumstances change.

I know why you’re frustrated. You’re frustrated because you’re tired of starting something new in your life, only stop after a short while and feel disappointed in yourself.

You’re frustrated because you’re tired of always talking about what kind of life you want to live, but never being able to actually do the work and take the action to get that life.

You’re frustrated because you’re tired of living a quality of life and that’s less than what you know you deserve.

Everyone one of those problems can be solved with this system. And using this system will lead to an amazing life for anyone who’s brave enough to use it.

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Author: Tony Robinson

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