In teaching people about the Law of Attraction, I’ve noticed there are a few points that often get overlooked when it comes to intentional manifestation. So today, I’d like to make note of a few super-important Law of Attraction facts people often miss out on.

I hope you find these most useful!

Fact 1: It never stops and it’s always working

Here’s the mind blowing-ly big thing about the Law of Attraction: you are attracting a TON of stuff to you in every single moment.

The Law of Attraction isn’t something you turn on or off. It is working all the time. Everything in your reality (big and small, important and mundane) is being attracted to you through this law.

So it helps to keep some perspective when trying to consciously manifest. There is a LOT of stuff you are drawing to you at any moment, so please be easy on yourself when you inevitably don’t get it all perfect.

Fact 2: How you feel is everything

Many people who are drawn to the Law of Attraction initially get very into visualising, affirmations, journaling or other “techniques” to attempt to manifest the things they want.

And while these things can be quite helpful, without the proper associated feelings, these techniques fall flat.

Why? Because everything in the Universe is vibrational in nature, and how you feel is your best guide on whether or not you are matching the frequency of where you wish to go.

So, the golden rule of the Law of Attraction is this: 

“If what you are doing/thinking/saying feels good-you are in the process of attracting things you will like. If you feel bad, you are not creating what you want.”

So please, always put your positive feelings first when it comes to manifestation. If something doesn’t feel good, don’t hesitate to abandon it and reach for something that feels better. Your feelings are your ultimate compass when it comes to designing a fun and exciting life. Period.

Fact 3: It works a lot better when you don’t worry about how it should work

It is very common for us to lack a degree of trust that the things we want can manifest. When this happens, it is highly likely we will look for a “blueprint” on how to get to what we want.

For example:

  • Trying to figure out how to replicate someone else’s business model in the hopes it will work for you as well.
  • Believing that in order for you to be successful in love you must act in a certain way, dress a certain way or play a particular kind of “game.”

Now, while it makes sense that we would want to use strategy to get ahead in life, heavy reliance on this tactic often puts us back a few paces. Why? Because there are INFINITE ways that any goal may be achieved!

When we believe that things should be attracted to us in one particular way, we cut ourselves off from the stream of infinite possibility. Instead of trusting that the Universe can deliver it in the best possible way for us, we tell the Universe precisely HOW it should come.

Often, this command we place on the Universe makes the pursuit of our goal a lot more challenging (and a lot less fun) than it could be.

And when something isn’t fun anymore, we’ve forgotten the golden rule (see fact 2 again).

Trust me, things come quicker the more you resonate with the idea that they can come in infinite ways. When we stop trying to figure out how something will work and believe it just will-true magic and amazement will ensue.

Toss the “hows” up to the Universe, and you’ll manifest and experience your goals much quicker!

Fact 4: You don’t have to learn how to manifest

Now, this last point is a super important one.

So many people out there believe they need to learn “how” to manifest, but nothing could be further from the truth!

Defer again to fact 1. You are currently attracting everything that is in your reality without even having to try.

Now, while some of the stuff you may be attracting is less-than-desirable, please consider the following:

Every rainbow, every ray of sunshine, every smile, and every dollar in your pocket you have attracted. Every friend, every family member, every breath in your body and every beat of your heart.

Regardless of how less-than-perfect your reality may be, you are already doing a pretty remarkable job at manifesting.

Remembering that you already are an expert manifester feels good and brings more confidence to your game. So please give yourself some credit for it!

Keep these Law of Attraction facts in mind as you move along for a smoother, and more enjoyable journey.

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Author: Andrea Schulman

Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today, which provides free and easy Law of Attraction techniques. She is also available for group educational seminars and webinars.

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