Winter has been long, and unfortunately, there are still a few weeks of it remaining, but we are not a million miles away from spring when, finally, we can benefit from warmer weather than we are currently being subjected to. It’s not too long until we can trade in the thick coat to something a little more slender and we actually look forward to getting out of the house.

In spring, there is so much more opportunity to actually get out and enjoy ourselves, as well as being the perfect time for those green fingered amongst us to get out into the garden. So, that’s why we put together some of our favourite things to do in the spring as we begin to say goodbye to the frosty chill in the air.

1. Gardening

Yes, as we have already touched upon, spring is the ideal season for gardeners to venture out into their backyard and assess winter’s damage. Weeds are overgrown, the lawn has certainly seen better days and it’s time to plant your new season blossom. There is a lot of maintenance required at this time, but it’s worth it and we all know that you love it (maybe).

If, however, you would much rather find your garden in a much more aesthetically pleasing state, then cheat a little this year by installing artificial grass. This way, you no longer have to worry about muddy patches, keeping the lawn trim and, better yet, you can boast lusciously green grass all year round. Click here for more information on installing fake lawn in your home’s garden.

2. Camping

For those true lovers of the great outdoors, spring is the beginning of camping season. Get the tent out of the shed, pack up your purposely bought pots and pans to use on the campfire and set up camp!

If spending the night in a tent isn’t your idea of fun, then why not try your hand at camping’s more luxurious big brother, glamping? All of the luxuries of home whilst still experiencing the great outdoors, glamping is pretty much on par with a room at an extravagant hotel.

3. Fly a kite

When you were younger and you saw other people flying kites in the park, did you beg your parents to let you have one? Of course you did! Flying a kite is one of life’s simple pleasures and, with all range of colours and designs available, you can have a lot of fun with it, too.

If you are a parent, then why not introduce them to kite flying? The thrill they will experience when they are the ones holding the kite’s handle will be something they will remember for the rest of their life. Be careful around trees so as not to disturb any wildlife or damage your kite.

4. Football in the park

Now that the weather is just starting to ease up, you can make better use of your jumpers as goalposts. All you need is a ball and a handful of willing participants (the more the merrier) and you will easily lose track of time.

Not only is this great fun for young and old, it’s terrific exercise – acting as an intense cardiovascular workout. After all, nothing brings people quite like sport and, regardless of how competitive your game is, you will all be leaving the park a lot better for it.

We are sure that we have missed off some of your favourite spring activities, but we simply couldn’t fit everything in. Hopefully our list has helped to inspire you, and if that is the case, then get out and embrace the great outdoors!

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Author: Sian Knight

Sian Knight is an amateur photographer who loves fashion and anything to do with the latest trends. She enjoys reading and working with others to improve their wellbeing.

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