The word nourish means to nutrify and nurture for growth and good condition. And nourishing the consciousness implies to create a healthy mind that is devoid of negativity. Hence filling your soul with happy thoughts will give you a content life. If your life is good, it can undeniably get better; but it entirely depends on you. It is your right to make your life more perfect and more amazing. Start from your thoughts first. Gradually apply your thoughts on your actions.

Here are a few life hacks for you to follow and be rest assured of a positive nourishment:

1. Create a happy environment

The most important lifestyle hack you might be missing out on is to create a happy space for yourself. It is refreshing and empowering to be surrounded by people who are happy, who encourage you and who keep you company. Not only the people, but the environment also requires a healthy start. Create a bright, scented, scenic and happy place yourself.

2. Keep smiling

Smile. Smile. Smile. It doesn’t cost you a thing. It’s okay to fake a smile as you will perhaps eventually end up in real splits of laughter. A smile can help you gain so much from life. So to nourish your soul and attract positivity, smile as much as you can. Make a lonely dull day brighter by smiling; someone might flash it back at you.

3. Talk to yourself

You are where your solution is. Talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend. It is not abnormal; it is rather a way to become absolutely normal. Ask yourself what makes you more happy and how you’d like to be. Allow your thoughts to be non-judgmental so you experience more happiness than pain.

4. Embrace your imperfections

Nobody is perfect. Your role model, that girl who is loved by everybody, that successful businessman, none of them are perfect either. Learn to accept that you are flawed beautifully. Let those flaws become your strengths instead of weaknesses. Worrying and looking down upon yourself will only shake your confidence. Perfection isn’t inbuilt, it comes through failures and what we learn from it to become successful.

5. Be full of gratitude

There is one essential component of happiness and that is gratitude. The more grateful you are for what you have, the more happiness you find. Never compare your life to someone else’s. Be content with the fact that you are gifted with things that probably many others lack. The ultimate truth for a good life is happiness and peace. Never lose those two.

6. Do what you love

There is no need to do what everyone else is doing. Go ahead and do what makes you happy. When you follow something that gives you contentment and fulfills your heart, you will be empowered further. Stop trying to please everyone else by doing what they like; just follow your heart and do what you love.

7. Don’t stress on the bad events

Everyone goes through a bad phase in life. There’s no need to stress over it and talk about it over and over again. What’s gone is gone; it has passed. Enjoy the good phase of your present instead. Repeatedly talking about the bad days will induce negativity slowly, sucking out the positivity in you. So change and talk about good things. Feed your mind with constructive thoughts and good is bound to happen.

8. Avoid all things negative

Avoid negative people, places, music, books, websites and so on. There is no negativity that is worth your time. Move out of such surroundings and avoid the people who are constantly trying to bring you down. They need not assure you of what you can achieve. A happy and positive mind can do wonders, so be that way.

9. Give positive vibes

In order to be around positive people, you need to give them positive vibes too. Give what you want to get back. Giving and making your positive energy contagious only amplifies your energy. So encourage, support, and let people around you feel positive too, without a second thought.

10. Make the most of every moment

Don’t always wait for something big to happen; enjoy the little moments in life too. Life is short, and if those short moments aren’t rejoiced, we might end up only waiting for the rest of our lives. Making every small accomplishment a big event in life will lift and raise your spirits.

Intentionally follow these tips for a month on a daily basis, and you’re bound to be this way subconsciously. Nourish your soul to the maximum, as happiness is what you deserve!

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Author: Sana Afreen

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